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                  World Top 500 Enterprise Can Suppliers,Witness of brand customers

                  We have passed the "ISO9001 Quality Assurance System" quality and environmental certification system.

                  Customized tea cans, food, health care products, daily necessities, etc.

                  High standard, low price, free design

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                  Why did the world 500 companies choose Xinglong cans?

                  Quality comes from concentration, leading from technology

                  Company strength
                  15 years of professional tin can be customized, with an annual output value of 100 million

                  • The company occupies an area of 25,350 square meters and a building area of 8,280 square meters.
                  • Has a set of international advanced design plate making, printing iron production line
                  • 2 automatic can production lines, more than 300 sets of various canning equipment, daily production capacity of more than 200,000
                  Standardized production process management, control raw materials, reliable quality

                  • Strictly control green new raw materials, absolutely environmental quality assurance
                  • Strictly follow the safety and environmental protection production standards, 100% environmentally friendly non-toxic production concept (good quality = standardized production + strict control)
                  • After 15 steps of the product, each process is strictly controlled by a special person.
                  • Material testing report is available, and the product meets QS certification standards.
                  Quality Assurance
                  Custom service
                  Exclusive customized services, for you to save worry, save effort, more money

                  • Abandoning the traditional production according to the drawings, no innovative mode, special design and plate making
                  • Commitment to provide accurate quotes within 10 minutes
                  • High-tech production equipment, 24 hours of uninterrupted production, guaranteed delivery on time
                  • The monthly payment will reach 50,000 or more, and the proofing fee and mold fee will be refunded.
                  • Free design
                  • Precise quote
                  • Delivery on time
                  • Retirement mold fee
                  Manufacturers direct supply, no middlemen, O risk procurement

                  • Strictly abide by the contracted delivery time, solve your delivery problems
                  • We have a number of high quality logistics companies, or you can specify logistics
                  • The customer went to the site to inspect the goods, and there was a problem.
                  • Xinglong has perfect after-sales service, abnormal products, special treatment within 2 hours, guaranteed return, free of logistics fees
                  Factory direct sales
                  • Factory direct supply
                  • On-site quality inspection
                  • Convenient logistics
                  • ORisk ordering


                  Into the Xinglong can,Highlight the power of the brand

                  Started in 2005, 15 years of professional manufacturer of tinplate cans

                  Anhui Tongcheng Xinglong Can Technology Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise specializing in the production of tinplate cans. The Wendu, located in Hanmo, is a core area of the “Hefei Economic Circle and the Minjiang City Belt”. The company adopts imported and domestic first-class tinplate, and uses the world-leading Japanese Fuji P452 two-color printing iron production line to produce all kinds of tinplate can products. The company occupies an area of 25,350 square meters and a building area of 8,280 square meters. The factory has a beautiful environment. It has a set of internationally advanced design plate making, printing iron production line and two automatic can production lines and more than 300 sets of other types of can making equipment. More than 20 million.

                  Over the years, the company's products have been serving well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and have become suppliers of famous wine brands such as Hetao Wine, Guizhou Liquor Group and Alcohol....

                  We always firmly believe that development comes from customer support and quality improvement, customer satisfaction is the driving force for our progress, customer requirements are the direction of our efforts, quality is the foundation of enterprise survival, quality is the foundation of enterprise development, the company in line with quality for survival, benefit for development, integrity for the highest, and refinement....